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Flash or what!

Odaiba Gundum

Out to Odaiba tonight, been meaning to shoot this Gundum for a while but never seemed to have the time before. Well worth seeing, it is a life size (!) model of a RX 78 (for those that know about such things). It is 18 metres tall and weighs about 35 tonnes and is pretty spectacular. I`m not a fan but some people in the crowd were. One man just kept repeating over and over:

“It`s really there, it`s really there”

This picture was taken in the dark, the illumination comes from some ambient light and other people`s flash guns. Painting with light as a happy accident of exposure. Good fun.




One response

  1. Nice shot, was it used in a publication somewhere? I’m sure I have seen it before. Do you know when it is up until? I was meaning to get down there, but have been too busy. In Hong Kong for 9 days from tomorrow, suspect I will miss it…

    August 23, 2009 at 2:06 am

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