The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Off the rails


I was supposed to be somewhere else by today. I have time off. More than that I have free time provided by no real family commitments, to go off and do something interesting and hopefully (if I take good pictures) profitable. But it is Obon season in this country now, this is a time when Japanese people generally go back to their home towns to pay respects to their ancestors and the trains are packed. That`s why I`m here not there, I needed a night train last night to end up where I wanted to be at a price I could afford but there are no seats left. I asked till Thursday and they are booked up until…well…the end of Obon long past when I am still free. I needed a seat too for the journey I was doing but there wasn`t one. Personally I can`t wait for the threatened depopulation of Japan to happen, then hopefully the trains, buses, aeroplanes and everything will get a bit less crowded.

Seems I had a bit of a lucky escape however with the two earthquakes that hit on Sunday night and this morning  plus the typhoon that also arrived at the same time, road and rail services are delayed, disrupted or down right impossible at the moment and it looks as if my long planned trip could not have gone ahead as planned anyway.

But a little bored here.



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