The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Odd olds

It`s funny, what with all the images I have of the great, good, beautiful, famous, infamous  and down right weird of Japan, how I seem to be mostly selling pictures of old ladies at this moment. Now this isn`t some private, members only gallery for fetid, fetish porn hidden away on my website, it just that I shot a story on an area of Tokyo called Sugamo a while back and I`m still selling the stock from that.

Sugamo caters for all the needs and mores of the senior population of this rapidly greying land, indeed everything your energetic retiree could want is available there: from old style cafes and food just like your mother used to make to walking frames, walking sticks, comfortable slipper like shoes and colourful coin purses where your pennies can be saved to buy garish fashions in large, but short, sizes. There are also crock religious healers and temples for miracles of scalpel-less surgery, panaceatic cures handed-0ut for free along with a smorgasboard of other placebos available including the famous red underware which is meant to bring the wearer health and long life.

Now as these image sales are through a stock agency I have no idea who has actually bought them, or why, but around this world quite a few of my Japanese old ladies and their red pants can be seen gracing the pages of newspapers, magazines and even trade brochures and I have to ask why anyone would want to see that!

Not that I`m complaining you understand, no thank you very much for the tickle of Dollars into my bank account; and as I`m the one who took the pictures in the first place I guess that makes me extra strange. But I have to wonder on the sudden interest that is creating this rich seam I`m currently mining.

Not that I`m complaining as I said.

More stock images of the Sugamo area of Tokyo at my archive here.



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