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It`s a small world


About 20 metres in diameter actually as it floats over the 150th anniversary expo in Yokohama in the picture above.

My favourite quote about the small world phenomena is the one by writer Mad Dog in his book:

If it’s Such a Small World Then Why Have I Been Sitting on This Airplane for Twelve Hours?

We all understand that feeling but… it is small world: on my travels I often met people I either knew, or people who knew the people I knew. For example I met a Scottish friend high in The Himalaya in 1995 and ran into him again coming down the stairs of a Seattle hostel a year later. And an even more unlikely event occured in Portland`s Saturday Market the same year when I met some Polish cafe owners who lived in the same village and knew my Polish ex-girlfriend`s father.

Any readers have stories like that? Let me know.



One response

  1. Andy

    It’s a small world………….but you wouldn’t want to hoover it

    July 4, 2009 at 8:38 am

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