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Giving Up


No I`m still here, not given up yet, though I am very busy and it is hard to post as often as I used to, not least because I haven`t had so many thoughts recently due to tiredness plus I haven`t done so many things to write about (least ways not that I can tell you about yet anyway).

But as I rattle around Tokyo, here and there, working, planning, meeting and shooting I notice the air has become fresher, cleaner; better.

Spring is in the air but that is not all, smoking, a habit I hate, is becoming harder in public, smokers now are confined to smaller, often enclosed spaces where their noxiousness cannot affect other people. Interestingly these are often called “Smokers` style” boxes though I think you shouldn`t give them such a cool and attractive name. Indeed  I`d suggest naming them “cancer boxes” instead just to see if Japan can lower the number of people taking up tobacco. Unlike England you don`t have to go outside a bar or pub to smoke yet but many restaurants have banned smoking on the premises.

I wish people didn`t smoke, especially those I like and care about as it is not good for them but each to there own and all that: I believe in freedoms, even the freedom to do even bad things to yourself. Remember I climb mountains and that is pretty dangerous on occasion. But smoking also affects me and nothing is worse than breathing in others` smoke. Thankfully most JR (Japan Railways) stations in Tokyo and Yokohama are now smoke free zones and I can breath a little easier.

Anyway got to run.



4 responses

  1. Even as a smoker myself, I agree. Less smoking areas, easier to take nipper out for the day…. but there is nothing like a smoky downtown oyaji izakaya for a good laugh.

    April 22, 2009 at 11:34 am

  2. I agree Nick, smoke and alcohol seem to go together well, as much as I hated the effect it was having on my health and the smell during and especially after the smoking ban in English pubs has made a climbing trip away to Snowdonia or the Peak seem less memorable. The “atmosphere” suited smoke and as most of my friends smoke it also left me sitting alone ibn the pub regularly as they all bugger off for a fag!

    April 22, 2009 at 10:03 pm

  3. As a smoker I have to say smoking in resteraunts is not that cool, but bars…come on!!!
    why not having smoking bars….if you don’t smoke don’t go in there, and warn all staff members at interview.

    Cars do much more damage to the atmosphere , f*&king everyone in the world not just your immediate environment, don’t see anyone having ‘no driving – your killing my kids’ campaigns…..

    hypocrites the lot of you 😉

    April 23, 2009 at 12:59 pm

  4. Indeen Adrian, even as a non-smoker I just think bars suit a smoky atmosphere. I wish people didn`t smoke but there are much worse things in life. I choose not to and I respect your choice to do so. But my choice not to should not affect your life and mostly it didn`t until recently which is why I find the smoking ban in bars a little harsh and though it is definately a more refreshing experience drinking in a pub these days it is also just a little do i say… atmospheric. But I do love the smoking ban elsewhere, including I have to say the street..sorry, because when a smokers` choice to smoke affects my choice not to it annoys. I choose to go into a bar knowing that i will find smoke, but I choose to stand far away from the smoking section of the train platform and still I can smell it, still the salaryman sparks up at the bottom of the escalator and walks the fifty metres to the smoking section puffing like a steam train along the way, past me, past children, past the no-smoking signs and that did annoy me!
    But Adrian my friend, you`d never do that so I forgive you your addiction, I am not addicted to cars either and agree totally that though the Tokyo stations my be smoke free these days I still breath sparingly on the caloried air of downtown. Nasty.
    Talk soon.

    April 23, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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