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The War on Tourism


Yet another unbelievable example of the “out of control” powers of the police in my home country.

The picture above shows a policeman helping a tourist near Buckingham Palace but read the article linked above, and any of the others that link from it, about the brutality of the policing at the recent G20 protest and other demonstrations; or about the ludicrous situation now that to prevent people planning attacks on the security services of Britain (including the police) of how it has become basically illegal to photograph a police officer and try not to turn the air blue about the boys in blue.

This picture would be illegal now for all intents and purposes even though it is, or used to be, a regular and heartwarming sight on the streets of London. And though it actually IS  ILLEGAL FOR A POLICE OFFICER TO FORCE OR REQUEST YOU TO DELETE PHOTOS YOU HAVE TAKEN if you pointed this out to one as they hassled you they are just as likely to arrest you for obstruction.

Fascist state anyone!

Rather glad I live in Japan now, though one day, when all this silliness is over, I would like to go back home.



One response

  1. severnyproductions

    I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately i dont live in japan but when its safe to come back i’ll let you know.

    April 16, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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