The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Basket Case


In the name of photography I drank lots of alcohol and snacked my way through various generously provided foods yesterday. It is Hanami season you see and in Ueno Park from early in the morning (even from the day before for one group of poor salarymen) people had been out guarding their patch of blue vinyl sheeting, ensuring they had a place to sit and enjoy the cherry blossoms. And the alcohol and snacks too of course.

Ueno Park is one of the best and most popular places in Tokyo for Hanami Parties and it was quite crowded. Still a procession of basket headed monks (above)  managed to push their way through the throng of people on a wandering, pipe-blowing blessing of the later drunkeness (below).



At least that`s how I understood it until the eleventh invitation to join the festivities after which I understood very little at all.



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