The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Early Start

Wednesday is the beginning of April. So having been caught out before I am going to trust nothing I read that day in case I`m the April Fool.

April 4th on the other hand a very foolish thing happens and I will (I hope)  join right in. What idiotic occurance have I signed up for I hear you ask? Well like hopefully thousands of people around the world I will get up as 4am to photograph my surroundings. It is part of a large global photograph project that takes a snapshot of life at the 4-4-4 time. Arbitary of course and in Chinese or Japanese about as unlucky as it gets but why not; we have to find some connecting theme to the often random shots we take. Of course if I were in Angkor Wat for a tropical sunrise as I was a few years ago when this photo was taken it would be easy but I like a challenge and to shoot something worthwhile especially here in the Tokyo suburbs before the trains start running and the sleepy inhabitants have even stirred might be fun.

All for now



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