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We have moved into the darkness


Just found this and am shocked.

As we are no longer allowed to (and have no need to anymore) laugh at Americans since they voted in Barack Obama it is the turn of my own country to become, officially, the World`s stupidist.

I mean it`s David Attenborough people…

He is really, really nice…

What has happened to a place I left relatively intact 6 and half years ago?

Sad tonight.



5 responses

  1. Steady on there Damon 🙂
    Don’t give up hope yet, remember we are also the country that brought you Margaret Thatcher, Chavs, Supermarket sweep, The BNP and Tesco value bread to name but a few.
    All is not lost.
    Put your faith in the holy trinity of Noel Edmons, Anne Robinson and Graham Norton, for they will deliver us from banality, evil and stupidity…………

    (for those of you confused please see this)

    Living where we live now, you still think England is the stupidist country?
    Brother you really do need to get out more, England looks like an intellectual paradise to me when viewed from here.

    January 28, 2009 at 12:02 am

  2. I really do need to get out more i know, you are quite right: indeed my inability to do so is the reason for the rattling of my cage bars at people who really want to make the world smaller than I am recently finding it with their small minds. I want the world large and messy, raw (also RAW) and confusing. I want to learn words for it from experiences I seek and most importantly, for my sons` futures, I want them learn that way too, not be told what is right to believe or wrong, not to be told what to think and to be afraid to think otherwise or question the rational. And it could be getting that way there.
    But still at least there is debate in the UK for the moment; I agree Japan, until perhaps this year, has had only the power to inspire me in the intellectual lows of prejudice and hearsay, avarice and denial. I think I need to have a beer and a talk again more regularly with people that are relatively not Japanese or at least not Japanese relatives or I might actually start to enjoy my salaried exploitation; I might begin to see a vacation in a nihon-shu glass each night and sleep my genuine freetime away dreaming of things I just MUST own after seeing them in magazines that are catalogues and catalogues that are scripture.
    But as I said, David Attenborough!!???!!!. I mean he is the closest we have to a saint, a giver of natures secrets who lets us feel even a little the power of life. Plus just, you know it will be true if it ever happened, the nicest person you`d ever meet. Even not liking him should be a crime!Damon

    January 28, 2009 at 7:48 am

  3. Andy Miles

    Not sure there’s that much debate in the UK at the moment….
    On a lighter note, you’ll be pleased to know there is still a busker (behind the furthest monk) at that spot on Canterbury High St

    January 28, 2009 at 6:10 pm

  4. travel67

    HI Damon,
    I just read the article and it did not make it clear who was sending the hate mail. His shows are now shown to a global audience through Animal Planet and the dvd’s and Blu-rays are available in all the different regions and formats. It’s sad to say but he’s probably getting hate mail from a wide range of people.
    On a brighter note I got the Planet Earth series recently, watch it and hopefully warm fuzzy feelings about the beauty of the world will return.

    February 13, 2009 at 5:02 am

  5. Hiya Chris! Long time no hear. Hope you are well. You are quite right, he could be getting hate mail from anywhere in the world and probably is. But I have read that the UK is getting less secular, perhaps people are clinging to that crutch of culture as they are frightened by the press reports of eroding Englishness or Britishness what ever that may be. Because to my mind, the point of Englishness at least was the ability to take things not too seriously, to lack a passionate ernestness for anything restrictive, like a religion for example, and to protect the dignity of those things we do hold dear even for all their faults such as the BBC, the Royal family and the church. This sudden fundalMENTALism is worrying because it is not British. Indeed we should be prouder of Charles Darwin than we are. He had what someone once called, “the single greatest idea anyone has ever had.” Wouldn`t surprise me if some people insisted on his removal from the 5 Pound note soon though.

    February 14, 2009 at 2:04 am

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