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Following the light


No not a post about a near death experience, though the stinking cold I have is making me feel close to that. No it is the high hopes I have for this year, feels like a good year for photography: lots happening; lots of plans that if only a fraction come to fruition will still mean a lot of success.

It is hard work though: daily I am torn between numerous competing deadlines and  needs; pictures that are wanted in various places urgently and in various sizes, annoyingly. Styles are all over the place stock here, stories there; jobs for them and personal stuff for me. It`s great to get orders: people asking me to photograph building here and people in front of buildings over there and there and there; competitions demand something new and fresh (but nott as new as I sent-2008 only) while files upon files of RAWS,  TIFFS  and JPEGS hanker after my edited, credited attention. Meanwhile the cameras sits, like a bomb ticking away, as time runs out on a project my friends and I want to shoot, old news and all that if we can`t find the location, which we can`t just yet, at least not exactly.

Tick, Tick, Tick…

I love all this though and know more than ever that this is what I want to do everyday, forever.

It`s nice when someone sees your passion and/or talent and says so. More so if they are talented and passionate about photography also which is why it was great to get a little email today from the very talented Tony McNicol here in Japan saying he had linked me to his site.

I return the favour here and suggest you look at his Tokyo rush hour pics to see great and brave photography that makes the mundane crush of Tokyo commuters look almost beautiful.



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  1. There was a fella a few years ago in that foreigners rag the Japanzine. It was the first time they thought about running a photo competition ( all entries will be usable by the parent company for a year if we want so there ).
    His B&W photos of the underground rush hour taken on film and beautifully. They were an eye opener to the scene and to what people can see through a camera.
    Wish I could remember his name. Hope he is still snapping. They gave hime a double page spread but he deserved a page a pic.

    January 22, 2009 at 3:48 pm

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