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I love skyscrapers. I mean a shouldn`t being a bit of a woods and mountains hippy climber type of person; but I do. And I am happy to say that Tokyo, at long long last, has a skyscraper it can be proud of.

Welcome to the Tokyo skyline the Tokyo Mode Gakuen Coccoon Tower. It was completed this year and I had watched it grow over the last two years as I regularly went to Shinjuku for work and pleasure. But having not been back there for a few months since my return from the UK it was good to find the building now complete and very impressive when I was shooting in Shinjuku the other day and couldn`t resist taking a few architectural pics for stock. 

Now perhaps we can stop talking about that great big TV aerial of Tokyo Tower as a landmark for the city. This stunning and innovative building  is something that finally gives Tokyo`s tired and melancholy office workers something beautiful to look at as they trudge to and from work.




2 responses

  1. travel67

    Hello Damon,
    Good to see you back in Japan.
    I took a photo of the new Mode Gakuen Tower in Nagoya last year. I love it when architects have decided to build something a little more interesting than a concrete box!

    January 10, 2009 at 9:11 am

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