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Tsukiji update

Please check out this news report on idiot tourists at Tsukiji. I earlier said I had not seen tourists behaving so badly there, enough to warrant the restrictions put on on us anyways but this report shows some truely terrible behavior by, most embarrassingly of all, what appear to be English tourists. Frankly I`m appalled that my countrymen could have acted so insentively and obnoxiously in this country. But not surprised.

People, like the obviously expensively educated boy at the end, should have their passports revoked for the attitude they export. They make me fucking angry. They make my job as a photographer fucking difficult too, what if I want or need to shoot again in Tsukiji? Idiots like these could get all of us banned forever.

If you know these people or think it was just harmless fun or  if you are these people and can`t see what all the fuss is about you should ashamed of yourself. Healthy irreverance is one thing but the feeling that nothing, unrelated to yourself, has any intrisic value is another. To the drunken Londoners at the beginning of the clip I would just say try licking a 6,000 Dollar fish at Billingsgate market and see how funny it would be to have two broken legs and no teeth when the traders there have finished with you.




3 responses

  1. If that is what they have to deal with….
    That last fella with the tourist guidebook Japanese could do with a few days community service lugging fish about from 3 am.

    December 26, 2008 at 2:31 pm

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