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Something Fishy

It appears that Tsukiji fish market has now barred tourists “indefinately” from the Tuna auction halls, a measure that is needed, according to the Guardian article here, to keep the business working smoothly and keep the area clean. The popularity of this market with Japan`s growing number of tourists is causing headaches for the people working there, I`m sure: I have seen people getting in the way and I am sure some tourists behave very badly, though I have never seen people standing on the fish, as has been reported, in fact I cannot imagine how anyone would think that is an okay thing to do. But 15 years on the road has proved to me that some tourists are not at all sensible.

Access was already restricted when I last went there in July but it is a shame that the whole experience of getting up earlyand travelling down to Tsukiji to stand in a yellow room and see the huge, frozen carcasses of tuna laid out across a shining floor or watch known, and often unknown, species of sea-life be filleted into food (as above) will be a thing of the past. It is a sight quite unlike any other in the world and the a quintessential Tokyo memory.

But just that, a memory now.

Here`s a pic from before the ban.

More later.



2 responses

  1. man… that makes me want to stop eating tuna..

    December 14, 2008 at 3:21 pm

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