The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

The 37th Frame

Now there is a blast from the past: do you remember that 37th and sometimes 38th and 39th frame you used to get from manual-wind, film cameras after the counter had reached 36? Some good shots were squeezed into those last frames; desperate ones sometimes as your time and film ran out; surprisingly good (or bad) time wasters at others when you just needed to use up the film and get it processed quickly.

Which makes it a good name for a website that collects links to the inspiring photos of others that Pete Marovich (himself a very accomplished photojournalist) comes across when he is searching the internet or reading papers and magazines in his spare time probably after his own photo work is done.

Whenever I read a magazine or newspaper nowadays I look at the images that go with the text and try to learn why this picture sold and try to analyze what makes it a good picture, why it moves me or what story it has to tell the viewer. You can learn alot about improving your own photography that way. After I look for the photographers` names and check their websites and philosophies and often learn even more. Surfing the net cold (as in without a name to google) is more hit and miss when it comes to finding good pictures. It can take a bit of effort wading through the ocean of mediocre snapshots that are uploaded in their hundreds of thousands everyday to find a few gems making the 37th Frame, that collects good images together from both the print media and from the electronic world of the web, such a great little resources for us who are constantly looking for inspiration and education; as well as keeping an eye on the competition of course! 

Pete cannot have eyes everywhere talented snappers have left their mark though so he also allows readers to nominate images they find that they consider worthy of a wider audience. If Pete agrees, he`ll put the link on the site. All in all a great idea and I wish him luck with it. I know I will be checking it regularly for a fix of good shots when my own fail to give me that rush of a talent well used.

Back in Tokyo and busy of course.

Talk later



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