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High Times

Exactly twenty years ago today I left England for the Nepal Himalaya on a trip to clean up rubbish at Everest Base Camp. It is hard to believe that it was twenty years ago. Before that trip I didn`t climb or travel; I didn`t take photos in any serious way and I didn`t really know what I wanted to do or be. It is not too big a statement to say that journey changed my life. Back in 1988 adventure tourism hadn`t really gone mainstream and destinations like Everest seemed impossibly remote and exotic but I followed the whim of my developing wanderlust and worked hard (even though I was still at school), saved and went. Of course the biggest thanks must go to Paul for having the idea in the first place and (also while he was still at school) making it all happen.  Since then he has also been one of my most generous and inspirational of friends.

Still…twenty years…


Got to go and get ready for another, shorter, trip now to Kanazawa for a photo and writing job.

Will try and post from there.




One response

  1. One of my memories of that trip is watching you take the time to show the Nepalese children your camera, and seeing their wonder and excitement of looking through the viewfinder and moving the zoom lens in and out. Happy days.

    October 12, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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