The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Building blocks

Yesterday was a productive day: about 15 pictures entered in 4 competitions; photo files saved and sorted; ideas formulated, stock images processed and some people approached, complimented, commented upon and networked. Considering I had only 3 and a bit hours of free time that is not bad at all.

But it is not being out and shooting is it? and I miss that. Plus I think I really need to do that more as my shutter finger in getting rusty (or shutter skills as I still can`t get the angle on my digital camera`s angle!)

Today was going to be my day out shooting but the weather had other ideas. Now shooting in bad weather is not such a bad thing, indeed I enjoy it sometimes but today with the sky grey and my free time limited by my wife`s work I just couldn`t muster the energy today to go out. Plus sometimes you just want to play lego with your kids. Sometimes too they demand it which is why it has taken an hour to write this short post.

The best would be to combine the two as the photographer Mike Stimpson has done.

I love these pics, even better if you know the originals (and everyone should) because they are truely, genuinely fantastic.



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