The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

It`s a secret

It is too hot, I am too busy to get much photo work done so I am looking for stories to inspire me and give me the energy to head out there and just do it. Not that Tokyo doesn`t have many great and interesting adventures for a photographer, indeed this is a place packed to the rafters with such things, it just I want to find something new, unknown and learn its secrets. I have new styles I want to try and shoot.  I want something different. It must be the traveller in me, the need to be somewhere unfamiliar. But rather than just passing through, the advantage of actually living here are the whispered wisdoms you get when those that are part of that story accept you in. It is not easy but I have friends that have been doing great work here (check out gallery 2 especially) and here on subjects that I just could not, at this present time, imagine gaining access to. 

But why wander the world in search of the slower intimacy of strangers? I have recently been coming across the work of photographers that due to time pressures, sickness, lack of money or passionate need to catalogue the life of someone they love have turned the camera in on their own life and family. The passion, intimacy and access (to a greater or lesser degree) are all there right from the beginning; the subjects understand (again to a greater or lesser degree) what you do and what drives you to do it and so all should be good with the world yes?

Of course it isn`t as easy as all that which is why people like Sally Mann, Jacob Aue Sobol and Robert Mapplethorpe are admired so highly as artists; and also sometimes despised for showing us their private life and loves too.

And why the work of Marcin Luczcowski, (please check the hometown project) Panos Skoulidas, Laura El Tantawy (please check the “stay another day” story in the Middle East galleries) and Patricia Lay-Dorsey is so compelling. 

Got to rush




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