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Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head from Disney`s Toy Story

Mr Potato Head from Disney`s Toy Story

I love potatoes , I mean – I love them, really love them, especially when they`re mashed. Here in Japan the starch staple is rice which Japanese people get all dewy-eyed over whenever they are seperated from it by travel or the Atkins Diet. Now I like good rice; I like just-okay rice too and probably, if it isn`t actually rotting-off the fork, I like really bad rice, by Japanese standards anyway. I mean rice is rice yes?

Well no it isn`t but I`m not a connoisseur, I`m English after all and we are experts on two things only: beer and potatoes. I`m a cider man myself but potatoes, oh yes potatoes!

My wife calls me the title of this post and laughs at my occasional addiction to the Andean Tuber so it is great to discover that this year, 2008 is…Tah da! The International Year of the Potato. Bet you didn`t know that!

No me neither but it is and there is even a photo competition on the subjects of potatoes, which does make everyone I`ve told snigger a bit, but it has a good heart and good prizes and if I was still in England it would be easy to enter as potatoes are everywhere. Now where is a fish and chip shop when you need one in Tokyo????


Searching but unsurprisingly I have absolutely no interesting pototo pics to add to this post so you get Disney`s version instead! Sorry.


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