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Shall we Dance?

I have spent the week sorting through old photos from my travels, throwing away a lot that really aren’t good enough these days (in my more professional opinion) and enjoying the fond memory of a place or encounter brought on by an image from those 15 years on the road. As I look for a job I realize that all I have going for me basically are those travelling years. I have that experience, those stories and those images and from them and the skills they have given me I need to try and make an acceptable living.


I could just come up with something never done before and become an Internet phenomenon like Matt Harding in the you tube video above or interviewed here.

I could hate him for all the places he’s been but he made his own luck with a good idea and his first steps of wanderlust so I wish him nothing but many more happy travels.

Have to get back to making my own luck now. See you later



One response

  1. Andy

    If you’re busy sorting your slides then make sure you’re wearing the correct clothing

    April 25, 2008 at 10:06 pm

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