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From a good good place

Fuji San

Sorry I haven`t had my internet working for a week so I have not been able to write anything.

But it has been a good week. This Wednesday especially. At 4am that day my wife and I set off for Kawaguchiko to catch some classic images of Mt Fuji like the one above. I have been to the top of this most famous of mountains twice, which makes me a fool by Japanese standards: “A wise man, the saying goes, climbs Mount Fuji once but only a fool climbs it twice”; yet I had yet to see and take photos of any classic views of the peak from below. The recent snow and good weather this week made for a great opportunity not to be missed. My wife is not a morning person, and that is putting it mildly, but even she was awe-struck at the scenes we had as we drove around some of the lakes near the base of the mountain. Well worth getting up early for.

More later



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