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Tokyo remixed


Image above by Steve Achiam.

It is always interesting to see what others make of this great and crazy city of Tokyo. Having lived here five years it can seem, if not exactly mundane, a little familiar at times. Other times I catch myself looking at it afresh with the eyes I walked of the aeroplane in Narita with all those years ago and being shocked into inspiration, riled in the energy that makes even taking the train to work so much more fun than it should be sometimes. Those times it is good to be out with a camera amid the congested air and inched aggression of salarymen on fought -for carriage seat; or out among the mess of Lego architecture fallen on paths where shouted commerce builds streets that are signs and signs that are invidious with reflections to keep you jumpless, to remind you that you might be you, though not too much; and where the sunset hides on neon rises and people, people , people are everywhere. Those times I remember that this is indeed the place I live, for the moment anyway, and then it is good, I mean really good, the lens falls on all that is of wonder and taking pictures is easy because they are everywhere. It is not always easy which is why I am pleased when I find someone doing it well.

Take Steven Achiam for example. His sumo boys story (above) won an honourable mention in the UNICEF photo of the year competition. But I am really impressed with his Tokyo Remix gallery at Photo Mondo here.

Those eyes of his are fresh on this city of mine and it is inspiring. Can`t help feeling I`ve seen some of it all before though but then I think that is my problem because the story he tells is not for me but for those that will come here later, maybe after I`m gone.

Good work Steven and welcome to my home!



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