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I`ve got the power…or rather not

Sorry not been here for a while, been busy with family, revamping website (stay tuned) and general work sorting, scanning, playing with my new digital camera and a whole host of other things.

Talking of my camera. I seem to have the worst luck with rechargable batteries. My laptop lasts about 2 hours and seems to be getting less day by day; and as for my camera well I get less than 200 pictures from the thing before the low battery sign comes on. And this is with a battery pack on. I mean reading reports I should be getting over 1,200 pictures on that arrangement apparently which means I either have a duff camera, which really pisses me off, or I have duff batteries, which is slightly less annoying but is an extra expense I don`t really need.

I trust the man who sold me the camera so I guess some new batteries are in order.

No shortage of electricity in Akihabara (Japan`s electric town in the abstract above). Wish the same was true in my life.

More coming soon



One response

  1. You got the digital then. Congrats. Or maybe not. I haven’t picked up my film camera in months.
    Like the pic.

    December 19, 2007 at 12:01 pm

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