The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

If only…

This is one of those “if only I`d known then, what I know now” type photos. Taken way back when in 1995, in Kathmandu, it is still my greatest missed opportunity. Of course everyone has 20/20 hindsight but I don`t think I would make the same mistakes you can see here now that I take my photography much more seriously. Just look at that rough, Sensia grain, (I couldn`t afford Provia in those days); look at that big shadow occupying the whole right edge, I would have waited 5 minutes more to take the same photo these days. And worst of all look how I have missed off the `s` of “Our experience counts”.

That `s` could have made the picture important. The slogan is for a rafting company and  was (is??) written on the wall that these two street children were warming themeselves against early one morning in Thamel but it is also the perfect message for this picture because these young lives with all their hardships and struggles are what really counts. We often don`t see such lives even as we travel among them but we should, we need to make the hungry and cold more visable to the world maybe then something can be done about helping them. This is a photo that, had I taken it more professionally, might have had a chance to do something like that. Funny but I don`t think I even saw the sign when I took the shot. Now I am always on the lookout for such things and it is a  mistake I hope I will not make again in a similar situation.



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