The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

The digital divide

what the duck cartoon 

I`m out of film. been shooting a lot the last few weeks and I am empty. So here`s my dilemma. Been doing the maths on a twenty new rolls of Provia plus processing. Then  taking into account the cock-up rate (which basically means those pics I throw away) and it amounts to this…

I cannot afford photography unless I go digital. A second hand Canon EOS 20D goes for about 250 quid these days in Tokyo or 50,000 Yen. Slide images work out at about 50 Yen (20p) each. It`s not rocket science is it?

I want, I mean I really want, the EOS 5D because of the full frame sensor but the mark two has yet to appear and the current version is still some 300,000+ Yen. A little beyond my price range. But the 20D is quality camera to cross the digital divide with don`t you think? If all goes well I should be well and truely installed in the land of variable iso sometime next week.

Quite excited.


By the way for more great photography cartoon like the one above visit


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