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Those who can…

Copyright of above photo Angela M. Ferreira.

Came across the website of Angela M. Ferreira today. She was listed as a photography teacher on another site I came across while surfing the net and I saw that she was from Oporto in Portugal. I spent a good time in Oporto nearly ten years go, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a great city to walk around with a camera. That is why I looked at her site, no other reason. You see I am a firm believer in the idea that those who can, do and those who can`t, teach.

Well I`m wrong because Ms. Ferreira definately can take some very good pictures. She has some interesting projects like the “Studies of the mirror” and I like her “travel diary”, literally a scrap book, you turn page by page, of memories and photos many of which are tinted and faded to look as if they were shot with old Orwo film. Maybe they were. Most of the pictures are strinkingly close or angled and colourful, often mixing illustrations and animations; some a little heavy on the photoshopping it has to be said but then again these don`t pretend to be real so are real works of art.

Her online journal (blog) is in Portuguese but even if you can`t read it the images contained within it are well worth looking through. There is some of her commercial work there too where you can see she keeps a very original eye on her subject whatever it is. Impressive work.




One response

  1. Tomo

    I’ve checked her web site, I love “studies of the mirror” as well.
    It make me remember artworks of Gerhard Richter, who is a painter born in Germany. His study works for his paintings are also the pictures put colors on.

    Talking of German artist, I like Wolfgang Tillmans.
    Their works are little bit artistic, abstruct, but well composed. Additionaly they are exquisitely colored.

    Talk to you later


    September 9, 2007 at 1:47 pm

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