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Silly season

Chigasaki sunrise 

August is known as the silly season in the news media in the UK due to the fact normally there is no real news to be reported at this time of year so they just find anything wierd and funny and report that instead. Not that there are many readers or listeners or watchers to report it to anyway as they are all on holiday.

That has not been the case this year unfortunately what with floods, foot and mouth outbreaks, a new Prime Minister and many other things quite a lot has been happening in my home country.

In Japan the news media is strange at the best of times but Summer is the time of festivals which of course I love. Mind you so are Autumn and Spring when your urban Japanese goes about getting in touch with their more rustic roots by putting on a hapi or yukata kimono and celebrating the sowing of the seeds and the harvesting of the crops.

Winter has a few too but then you need something to warm you up as it can get bitter. I read somewhere that it is warmer in Reykjavik in December than in Tokyo. Of course , like the floods in England, everything about the weather is out of sorts and this last winter here in Tokyo did not drop below freezing while other areas were smothered in snow and this summer has been the hottest on record.

The above picture is from the Hamaorisai matsuri in Chigasaki which usually takes place under clear skies and in big waves which the mikoshi or portable shrines are taken into to be purified. An out of season typhoon lent us a dramatic sunrise this year but if you see my earlier post called face the press you will know that the waves were very much off limits this time around.

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    Andy Gray

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