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Lonely Women

Lonely lady 

Mount Fuji (in the last post)  is an icon, there are many of those around the world: instantantly recognizable; cliched even and the subject of countless shots by professional and amateur alike. Taking interesting pictures of them is always a challenge as getting a new angle on a familiar face is difficult.

I know this because I spent Sunday shooting one of Tokyo`s precious few other icons: the National Diet building. That`s the government house or parliament not a place for the fat and lazy…or…hold on a minute…is it?

Anyway a publisher in England wants some pics of the place and I had to walk around and around trying to find new angles on a building that is famously dull at the best of times let alone in the hot summer sun and never mind when shooting from the heavily policed out wall which is as close as you can get without a press card.

Anyway I don`t think the publisher wants anything too unusual so I`m probably okay.  

New York`s icon is of course the Statue of Liberty and it must be very difficult to get something new in an image of her. Photographer Julio Mitchel has managed to do it in his Lonely Woman gallery though. Please have a look it is nice work.

The picture above is a lonely looking woman from the Shibuya shoot I did a few weeks ago. yet another umbrella, sorry about that but it was raining.

Talk to you soon



One response

  1. Great Photography, nice capture of emotion as well.

    August 7, 2007 at 2:51 pm

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