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Whistle while you work

Just rushing through a few admin jobs in the short time I have this morning and thought I`d drop a quick note here as I don`t do that often enough. I`m trying to get an entry together for a competition and scan some more stories but it is hard to get motivated as there is a time limit on the thinking process for all of that and that finishes at 2pm.  (Actually 1.39 as I have just been called to duty)

It always seems that due to lots of other demands on my time I am left with an unusable 30 minutes or less free at several points during the day. Thirty minutes is about the minimum that I consider it worth turning on the laptop for, perhaps to do a bit of sorting of files and images, write a few words of an article or tidy up a scanned slide. But 20 or 25 minutes, as I invariably seem to get, is a bit of a wasted time: too short to do anything worthwhile with but too long to arrive where ever it is I`m going. So instead I end up just opening my list of jobs (again) over a coffee (again) and dream and plan.

Of course such times are not totally un-useful  I can get inspired in the “down time” and it is not as if I  don`t get some good hours in cafes occasionally; on Thursdays most especially I actually have time for the battery on the computer to run out. But other days the spare time I get amounts to lots of little pointless pockets of boredom where I can do nothing more than look around the cafe I have installed myself in and notice small things like the story on the Yuen Po Bird Park (pic above) is not perhaps quite good enough for the competition I want to enter it into or the fact that the Japanese love bad coffee and microwaved food.

The Yuen Po Bird Park is a great place by the way if you find yourself in Hong Kong and for what ever reason want to escape the hustle and bustle of that city into a world of shadows and birdsong. Not exactly the wilds of mountain forests but a fun place to visit and better by far than the electronic twittering of ersatz woodland that Japanese Railways play at some of the stations here.

I think I need a day off!



2 responses

  1. “pointless pockets of boredom”….great expression….can I use it some time?? 🙂

    speak soon,
    I was looking for your email on here but can’t find it, i’ll check your website.

    June 24, 2007 at 10:14 am

  2. Hiya mate cheers for visiting and the advice. Of course you can use the words anytime you want for your own blog but I doubt you`ll need them being as busy as you are! Ersatz is my favourite word however try and work that one into something, it`s quite a challenge.

    June 24, 2007 at 2:43 pm

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