The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Flash or what

Not been on here for quite a while. Have been busy and in reality not a lot has happened worth writing about. Spent yesterday doing admin on TIFF files I have not had time to deal with the last few months due to work and driving. I passed by the way. Thank you Koyama Driving School in Futaka Tamagawa.

I have also been taking a few pics with an old Leica I bought. This is a classic camera and as such deserves some classic images. Not sure I`m there just yet as there is no metering, auto focussing and no zoom so shooting with it is really nuts and bolt photography. Actually quite difficult to use as I have gotten used to cameras that help you so much. Taking pics at their most basic level is a great chance to re-learn what I started out in photography to do; making the image exactly how you imagine it to be, controlling everything with intuition and knowledge gained from experience. I think I need a little more experience with the Leica but using this beautiful camera is so much fun and as the photographer, Jeremy Sutton Hibbert is keen on reminding me “it is not the camera it`s the photographer that makes the picture.”

Except where the camera is as unpredictable as a the Chinese made, plastic Holga, then I think you can say the camera has some say. I`ve yet to be enamoured of the Holga  revolution that seems to be sweeping the photographic world but that might be worth trying out later. Holga don`t even seem to have a website it seems but fans have devoted lots of webspace to it here and here.

Maybe I will show some of my Leica images on my website soon or on my lovely new Lightstalkers gallery that has a slide show feature. I hope that clickpic who host my site will make a flash site available one day as photographs look so much better switching and changing all by themselves. Anyway have a look and tell me what you think.

That`s all for now. Talk to you later.



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