The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

In the news but not in the news

All the advice I get about being a photojournalist speaks of the level of commitment I will need to be successful, rich and famous. Basically it seems that I should give up any normal life, spend the required 24 hours behind the lens or in front of the computer screen and then, even then, I stand a miniscule chance of making a name for myself and thus any money. Money would keep my wife happy but having a wife and kids doesn`t keep the photo editor happy it seems. Am I ready for the monastic life of a photojournalist? No!

A no win situation then and I work hard at it but sometimes feel like Sisyphus pushing that rock up the hill.

The reason I write this is that recent posts on lightstalkers have hightlighted that even good photographers are getting down and/or giving up the business. And I mean really really good photographers. Have a a look at Portuguese photojournalist Alexandre Vaz`s profile  and just look at the power and beauty of his environmental images. Now it is not as if the environment is not in the news nowadays and it is not as if he didn`t win a photojournalism prize for his forest fire pics. So why is this man not rich and famous? Why does he feel down about the business?

If you have it in your power to buy pics that expertly tell the struggle to save the world please give Alexandre Vaz a call and cheer him up.



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