The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter


Actually got out to photograph for a few hours today. The light was good and I had some free time. Not enough of course to add sufficiently to the projects I`m working on at the moment but such is life.

Maybe I should find some less time consuming idea to photograph. I came across this gallery of Japanese walls by Eric Rechsteiner tonight. It is a collection that really says Japan and though I understand there will have been a lot of effort and time used in making these images the subject is literally outside your front door and maybe you don`t even notice it usually and that seems to me something I need to be looking for in my limited free time. Like perhaps the pic above that is about the lack of Sky in some parts of Tokyo. Maybe I`ll work on that…

Anyway nearly 2am now so time for bed, catch ya later.



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