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Okay so I kind of borrowed the title for this from Time Magazine. But what great ideas. This computer at which I sit writing this now is made totally of plastic. Now plastic is bad for the environment it takes years and years to dissolve then leaves a lot of unwelcome chemicals behind.  So a firm in Britain by the name of PlayEngine has decided to make many of the computer bits we cannot now live without, for example flat screen monitors, keyboards and mouses (mice??) available in a biodegradable material, namely bamboo. Bamboo grows fast and is easily harvested. A field of the stuff apparently also eats up more CO2 than a forest of the same size. To to be a little world friendlier even as you network all over the place think about getting your next piece of hardware from them.

Or, as I saw on Paul Deegan`s website this morning, you could directly help one of the other animals inhabiting this planet by just convert old computer parts into homes for them. As in the photo above from

Any other ideas for new uses for old computer parts?



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