The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Always The Bridesmaid

Well the Fuji distinctions award  results are in and the winner is…Enrico Sacchetti with drive through. Nice pic very contempory and though not a lot seems to be happening it has some depth to it and needs viewing more than once. Will get shooting for the next round which become available from April 1st. My entry above got a distinction award so not too bad.

Been very busy so have not posted much here but have my fingers crossed now for the Wanderlust Magazine travel competition. I have been a finalist in this well known contest three times and hope I can make it again this year. Maybe this year I can even win! The prize is a trip to Antarctica so winning would be very very very nice indeed.
Some interesting news coming soon I hope so stay tuned. If it all goes well I will tell you about it in the coming weeks.
Until then
Take care


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