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Fishy business

Well since I last wrote I have been up to the DMZ (along with sixty other tourists – rather more than I was expecting). I would have liked to report that I got face to face with a North Korean guard and took some stunning photographs of this anachronistic throw-back to the Cold War like Martin Sasse`s picture for TIME Magazine but we arrived rather late in the day and the light was fading and most of the DPRK soldiers had gone to bed. I saw only one and he was in the distance. I got a little glimpse into North Korea but in truth the best part of the day at Panmunjeom was a bit rushed and crowded and photo opportunities at the border itself are limited by very scary ROK and American soldiers with guns. Not the sort of place to take risks.

As soon as the bus got back to the USO in Seoul after the tour I rushed for the station and took the train down to Busan for the Jalgalchi fish festival. I can completely recommend this as a place to take photographs.  The market over-flows into the surrounding streets at festival time with all forms of sea-life: fish literally school in tanks while octopi slither out over the tops on hopeless escapes; crabs crawl and snap where they are stacked and generally all things aquatic from sharks to sea-slugs can be seen, and better yet, consumed. Unfortunately I didn’t know what half the food was and I was actually wary of trying some of it. I did eat raw shark however; it was not exactly tasty but how many people can say they got to bite a shark back? Photography-wise the place was a dream; the people of Busan are rougher, louder and harsher than in Seoul but seemed to mind having their picture taken less and even though the weather was bad I took a lot of pictures at night in the heavy rain, now I`m no expert on night photography so we will see how they come out. If I was digital I could show you but I still use film so you will have to wait a bit. Unless of course someone from Canon Cameras would like to give me a nice new EOS5 Digital please. But here are some pic to show you a little of the market.

Talk to you later



One response

  1. tomo

    Good evening, Damon.

    I’ve read your report and then I remember a Korean movie. It’s a story about DMZ and humanity between some North and South soldiers. It’s nice and interesting movie. So, I recommend it.

    By the way, Winter turns around the corner and many people are having a cold in Tokyo.

    Hopefully, I haven’t it yet.

    I’m willng to see you this saturday.

    Take care.


    October 24, 2006 at 1:43 pm

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