The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Wet and Windy in Japan

Yesterday was the festival of Ana Hachiman shrine in Shinjuku. Two years ago I was working in this central Tokyo district when I came across this festival quite by accident. The pictures I took that day are some of my best Mikoshi pictures to date; one even went on to the final of the Wanderlust magazine travel photographer of the year competition in 2005.

Mikoshi are portable shrines used in many Japanese festivals, they are very ornate and very very heavy as I found out that year when I was invited to join in carrying one.  Yesterday though was a bit wild and windy for good pictures. The night time reflections of the illuminated mikoshi on the wet streets were beautiful however. The picture here is the one from Wanderlust final, just to give you a “fair weather” taste of these crazy events.

If you are looking for a festival in Japan to visit for yourself might I suggest checking the festivals listing in the Japan Times festivals page

There you can also read about Typhoon Shanshan and the destruction it has caused across Kyushu in the west. Tokyo got of lightly it seems all it did here was rain and rain and rain.



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