The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Welcome to the Sungypsy Blog


Why sungypsy? Well in my photography salad days that is what I liked to call myself. I thought it sounded suitably adventurous as I was always on the move, usually somewhere tropical. Actually I still like the name but general consensus seems to be that is better to trade under. So here we are this blog is the last reference to my previous incarnation. What is this blog? Firstly it is about news: what I`ve done, what I`m doing or what I`m planning to do photography-wise. Secondly it is a way to pass on ideas, inspirations or opinions to other like-minded people and also get all those things back.  I will write as an when something interesting happens, that may be infrequently at times. But please check back soon and I will have some news for you.

Take care


By the way the pic above is yours truly taken by the supremely talented Sean Wood.


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